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Fog Hashing 

lmmersion Cooling for Crypto Mining

From Home Mining to Large-scale Mining Solutions

Featured Products


Immersion Mining Kit - C1

Home Mining |  Efficient cooling | Low Noise | Ultra Stable

C1 is the all-in-one immersion cooling kit designed for individual ASIC miners, either for home or office use. C1 can hold one mining machine.


ONE investment, DOUBLE returns

C2 is upgraded and optimized on the basis of C1, specially designed for home miners. C2 can hold 2 ASICS(Dual fans). At 35 °C, C2 can provide a full 12kW cooling capacity. 


Flexible expansion from 1 to unlimited units

One B6 tank is a modular design unit that can hold 6 miners inside and can be deployed in either distributed or centralized way. B6D means the B6 tank with the Dry cooler as the outing cooling system while B6T suggests the outer cooling system is the Tower of water.


The choice of professional miners

A container deployment method designed for large-scale users, providing customers with turnkey solutions, which can be quickly deployed, PUE<=1.03.


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