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What is Immersion Cooling?

Immersion cooling refers to the process of immersing servers, GPUs, ASICs, and other IT hardware in a non-conductive fluid. The fluid is a far more effective cooling medium than air is and so higher efficiencies are achievable. Two-phase immersion cooling is similar but the fluid boils on the hot components.

What is Single-phase Liquid Immersion Cooling (SLIC)?

The heating equipment (heat source) such as miner is directly immersed in the insulating cooling liquid, and the heat generated by the operation of the miner is taken away by the flow of the liquid, and then the hot liquid is cooled by the external refrigeration facility, and flows back to around the miner. And the cycle goes back and forth.

What is Two-Phase Liquid Immersion Cooling (2PLIC)?

The heating equipment such as miner is directly immersed in the insulating cooling liquid. Due to the low boiling point of the liquid, the liquid in contact with the chip will boil and change into gas. The gas will return to the liquid state when encountering the condenser and then return to around the miner. Its refrigeration efficiency is higher, but the design, operation and maintenance difficulty are relatively high, and the coolant cost is very high.

What is Spray Immersion Cooling (SIC)?

Has many holes at the top of the chassis, to spray the heating source like chip with coolant to take away the heat according to the position of the chips and the volume of the heat. The other parts are the same as single-phase immersion cooling. Suitable for medium heat density applications.

What is Water cooling (cold plate)?

The heat dissipation plate of the metal shell is fixed on the heat source like chip, and the liquid flow inside the heat dissipation plate takes away the heat of the metal plate. However, external cooling still needs to rely on air cooling. The coolant is mostly water, which has a potential leakage and short circuit risk.

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