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Designed for Home Mining

Can hold 2 S19 series mining machines 

Lower cost per mining rig

One-year free warranty

30+ optimization upgrades based on C1

What We Offer

The most cost-effective distributed immersion liquid cooling solution

C2 is an upgraded immersion liquid cooling kit based on FOG HASHING C1. Also designed for home and office users.

The C2 kit dissipates heat for the miner through a single loop of coolant and can accommodate two ASIC miners, so the price of use is more competitive. Streamlined design and optimized details make it easier to use and more reliable.

12kW cooling capacity + Adaptive adjustment 

Energy-saving solutions for most usage environments

  • At 35 °C, C2 can provide full 12kW cooling capacity. Each miner has a cooling margin of 2kW to support sufficient overclocking. 

  • The C2 dry cooler supports automatic frequency adjustment according to the temperature change of the coolant. It can respond to changes in ambient temperature in real-time, ensuring operation with the lowest power consumption.


Product Features 

Quiet & Energy saving

The sound of this Tank is less than 50dB, the dry cooler is deployed outdoors, the sound is less than 70dB, and the energy-saving operation state is almost silent

Stable running & Overclocking

Stable and long-term running with little maintenance.
With sufficient cooling capacity, mainstream miners can be overclocked by 20-50%.

ONE investment, DOUBLE returns

Lower average cost
Easy to integrate the home solar system, mining even heating

Compared to
Fog Hashing C1

Completely redesigned, more than 30 details re-engineered, user experience improved

  • Leakage Protection

  • Universal Wheels

  • Thermal Flow Optimization

  • Fluids Unloading Bolt

  • Higher Load

Product Details

Crypto mining Heat Recovery

C2 supports connecting mining waste heat to household heating systems, including household swimming pools, floor heating, shower water, etc. If you want to know about the program, please contact us.