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Flexible Deployment From 1 to Unlimited

Modular design, supporting distributed and centralized deployment

Advanced fluid design, higher heat dissipation efficiency

Outstanding appearance design

One-year free warranty, and optional warranty expanding service 

What We Offer

B6 is an immersion cooling case designed for professional mining


Can accommodate 6 Antminer S19.
For different numbers of miners, B6 can be flexibly deployed. It supports single deployment and modular deployment, just like building blocks.
External cooling supports dry cooler or water cooling tower, choose according to the local environment.
Please provide your needs, and we will provide customized solutions according to your needs.


Product Features 

High integration 

Sensors, PDU, Network, and other facilities are all integrated inside the B6 tank.

Remote management

Support remote monitoring and control by FogHashing SaaS platform. IoT sensors have built-in logic to control automatically, to save the power of cooling and maintenance costs.

Responsive power consumption

Support the “Demand Response” program with fast and safe batch operation.

Easy to deploy

Support the “Demand Response” program with fast and safe batch operation.


B6D(Dry cooler) 

One B6D with one dry cooler,
suitable for fast & easy deployment.

Single circulation

Uses only oil circulation to eliminate secondary heat exchange.

Designed for high-heat areas

Standard water curtain, use water to assist heat dissipation under high-temperature conditions.

Cooling capacity adjustment(Optional)

According to the ambient temperature change, automatically adjusts the fan speed, to achieve dynamic energy saving. 

6 (2).png
  •  Support two options of dry coolers or water cooling towers

  •  Support two-layer rack deployment to save deployment space

  • Support heat recovery

  • Provide deployment proposal drawings

B6 - More than one , customized technical solution

B6 / B6DTank


Outer size               1420(L)*575(W)*620(H) mm

N.W. / G.W.              130kg / 180kg -B6      110kg / 166kg-B6D

Total weight           230kg (with coolant and miners)

Input voltage         3-phase 350-480V 50/60Hz  Single-phase 200-277V 50/60Hz

Output voltage     Single-phase 200-277V 50/60Hz

Cooling capacity   30kW@30°C

Power                      400W

Operating temp   -10°C ~ 40°C

Display                    1.32” OLED Screen

Coolant volume   160L-B6  174L-B6D

Capacity                 6 ASIC miners

Network                  100Mbps Ethernet switch

External cooling   Dry cooler/water cooling tower

Pipe diameter       DN25(External thread diameter 32mm)

Inlet and outflow temperature          45/65°C

INoise                      55dB(A)-10m

B6D dry cooler


Outer size              1560(L)*440(W)*952(H) mm

N.W. / G.W.             117kg / 133kg

Input voltage        3-phase 380-415V 50/60Hz

Heat Transfer        30kW@25°C 20kW@35°C

Operating temp    -10°C ~ 40°C

Coolant capacity   14L

Power                      580W x2

Air volume              13000m³/h

Noise                       71dB(A)-10m

Pipe diameter       DN25(External thread diameter 32mm)

Pipeline                   5m x2

Immersion Mining Kit B6D Installation Tutorial of FogHashing