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Designed for large-scale mining

Support up to 384 miners (AntMiner S19/XP)

or 480 miners (WhatsMiner M50/M30) inside

Up to 1.9MW mining power load (each miner overclocked up to 5kW) in 35°C

Modular design, self-contained operation with minimal maintenance cost

External cooling supports either dry cooler or water cooling tower

What We Offer

About BC40 MEGA

The BC40 MEGA is a high-density immersion cooling design with the goal of providing a full-stack solution for large-scale mining customers. It integrates all required devices such as power distribution cabinets, smart PDUs, network interfaces, controllers, cooling tanks, circulation ducts, etc. Aims to provide miners with a turn-key mining installation.

Fog Hashing uses single-phase immersion cooling technology for cooling miners or servers. By immersing the miner in dielectric coolant, the heat generated by the ASIC chips is transferred to an external cooler or other dissipation equipment through specially-designed fluids. The precise control of the circulating fluids keeps the chipsets running at their optimum performance. Dust-free and static-free environment greatly reduces maintenance costs. Adaptive thermal design results in extremely low power consumption for heat dissipation (PUE<1.05).

Fogahashing Immersion Cooling Container

Product Features 

Independent modular design

The BC40 MEGA container contains 16 cooling tanks, and each tank is independently connected to the dry cooler or cooling tower. Each Tank can accommodate 24 Antminer S19s.

Single-loop circulation

There is an independent circuit between each cooling tank and the dry cooler/cooling tower (for 8 dry coolers/cooling towers, 16 independent circuits), easy to deploy, and maintenance without interference.

Smart PDU

The BC40 MEGA container contains 32 24-port smart PDUs, including networks, switches and sensors. Current monitoring and leakage protection. Can check the running status and manage switches in the LAN.

Redundant design

Power load and cooling capacity, with enough safety margin, to allow ultimate overclocking. Adapts to most temperature environments. EC dry cooler fans and pumps with adjustable speed.

 Immersion Cooling Container BC10 MEGA

Support customization

The BC40 MEGA supports customized external cooling options based on the deployment environment and requirements.​

  • geographic location

  • Ambient temperature Humidity

  • source of water

  • overclocking range

  • Run the type of mining machine

Product specification

                                              BC40 MEGA                                                     BC20 MEGA                                                                  BC10 MEGA

Outer size                             12192×2438×2896 mm                                           5820×2438×2896 mm                                                      2991 x 2438 x 2591 mm

Amount of machines        B24 tanks *16, to support 384                             B24 tanks *8, to support 192                                           B24 tanks *4, to support 96


                                                Antminers/480 Whatsminers                             Antminers/240 Whatsminers                                        Antminers/120 Whatsminers

Racks                                     B24R racks *8                                                          B24R racks *4                                                                      B24R racks *2

Input voltage                       3-phase 350-480V 50/60Hz                                   -                                                                                            -

Power load (max)                1.9MW (After overclocking)                                 0.96MW (After overclocking)                                          480kW(After overclocking)

Output voltage                    200-277V, 50/60Hz                                                  -                                                                                             -

Network                                 1000Mbps Ethernet switch *2                            1000Mbps Ethernet switch *1                                         1000Mbps Ethernet switch *1

Lighting                                  LEDs                                                                            -                                                                                           -

Ventilation                             Exhaust fans                                                              -                                                                                           -

External cooling                    Dry cooler or closed-circuit water cooling tower       -                                                                               -

Certification                           Electrical - UL Classification or ETL / Container - CSC    -                                                                          -

Ambient temperature         -5℃~40℃                                                                  -                                                                                             -  

Channel width                       0.8m safety and maintenance channel space -                                                                                           -

Channel width                       0.8m safety and maintenance channel space -                                                                                           -

Internal system Including   B24 tanks, B24R racks, Circulation system, Powerdistribution, Network.                                             -

External connector               DN65*32 (2 connectors of each tank)

Others                                      More than 10-year lifetime for the container                                 

                                    Can withstand strong wind damage of 60 m/s                                 

                                    Emergency protection in case of power failure and water supply failure

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